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SWAS offers a full line of aircraft parts services to fit almost any need. From new factory parts to used/serviceable/overhauled parts, SWAS can offer our customers a range of options. SWAS currently employs some of the most advance inventory software solutions as well as locating software to locate and procure the exact part and the lowest possible price in the industry. In addition to parts location services, SWAS has an extensive inventory of its own corporate aviation parts. With over 20,000 sq ft of warehouse dedicated to parts storage and inventory as well as the inventory control of the parts, SWAS is dedicated to making the parts purchasing experience a pleasurable one. SWAS has parts from Gulfstreams, Cessna Citation jets, as well as a large inventory of Beechcraft Hawker parts, SWAS has over 50,000 line items of parts in stock. This includes avionics and retables as well as a large inventory of tagged TFE-731 engine parts. Most parts are tagged with an 8130 and all component parts have trace to the original aircraft.
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SWAS has a money back guaranty for parts rejected and returned (ask for details) SWAS also offers the lowest price, if you have a written quote for any part that we have in our inventory, we will beat it.SWAS parts system provides the buyer with a unique opportunity to view the actual paper work as well as the actual part that is purchased, prior to purchase. The parts are then inspected one last time prior to shipment, packaged and secured against damaged and shipped to any location in the world (some export restrictions may apply). SWAS has shipped parts to every continent and over 50 countries. SWAS has capabilities to overhaul a large variety of avionics, instruments and rotables and does accept cores as returns for some components.For the aircraft owner that has a “stranded asset”, SWAS offers a unique program to “demanufacture” your aircraft to maximize the return on the investment that an outright sale of the aircraft cannot offer. Contact David Guzman for details.
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Throughout the years of aviation services, the staff at Southwest Aviation has been involved in hundreds of millions of dollars of aviation transactions. SWAS has leased or sold aircraft to nearly every state in the union and to a number of foreign operators. In addition to selling aircraft, SWAS has represented buyers in transactions for all sizes of aircraft, including large transport category aircraft. Our staff are not simply “salesmen” that know something about aircraft. They are factory trained, Airline Transport Pilot Rated pilots and FAA certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanics with years of experience piloting, inspecting, repairing and certifying aircraft. In addition, with certified aircraft appraisers and experienced brokers, SWAS can help you find the aircraft you’ve always wanted.
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perform the pre-buy inspection, and even update the aircraft after purchase, all in one spot. If you have an aircraft you want to sell, SWAS has a team of sales professionals that will photograph and edit the photos to help your aircraft sell. They can house the aircraft and bring interested and financially responsible parties who can buy your aircraft in an efficient and timely manner.
SWAS parts department is stocked with many high use items as well some that are hard to find. If we do not have your part in stock we have the ability to locate and ship your part from just about anywhere to you.
Contact: Roy or David at
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