About Us

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Southwest Aviation Specialties, LLC (SWAS) was founded in 1994 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Located on the RL Jones Jr (Riverside) airport, SWAS formed as a FAR Part 145 Repair Station working on a variety of aircraft focused on the general aviation market. Over the years, SWAS has expanded is FAA accepted capabilities list to include all levels of aircraft from small piston engine aircraft to large cabin class multi engine turbojet aircraft. SWAS has special emphasis on the Citation Jet airframe as well as the Beechcraft Hawker airframe. SWAS was instrumental in aircraft leasing and acquisitions as well as lease management of aircraft in worldwide operations.

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SWAS now offer a full service, one stop shop for all corporate and general aviation needs. Through strategic partnerships with aircraft exterior and interior refurbishment, in house avionics, computer aided drafting and design of aircraft instrument panels and avionics, full line aircraft maintenance and upgrades as well as advanced aircraft troubleshooting. SWAS has become a worldwide company focused on providing aviation services for clients throughout the world. SWAS offer a wide variety of additional services that you will find detailed on this website.
Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact us for all of your general aviation needs.

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