Aircraft Maintenance

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For more than two decades our clients and aircraft owners have had the benefit of our maintenance capability readily at hand. Our mechanics are “factory trained”. You as the client benefit from their background in safety, reliability, and doing the task correct the first time.

SWAS is a certified repair station # S30R818N, we offer a wide variety of services including but not limited to:

Routine Inspections (Phase, Annual, 100 Hour and Pre-Buy)
Airframe (Major repair and alteration, Inspections)
Power plant (Piston) (Repair, Overhaul)
Power plant (Turbine) (Repair, Overhaul)
Williams International FJ44 Service center

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We are certified to service most aircraft in general aviation and charter operations. SWAS has a exceptional staff to serve your aircraft maintenance needs. Inspections, general maintenance, airframe, power plant repairs, or a major overhaul, our factory trained technicians are committed to satisfying your maintenance needs.

Maintenance Contacts:
David Duncan
Email :